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We have been working behind the scenes for many local companies since the 1980s.


†Folks like Western Display Fireworks. You may have seen the impressive Fireworks Shows from San Francisco to Seattle or in downtown Portland or Fort Vancouver on the fourth of July. We implemented the computer network their office uses to bid shows and then to book the display orders and keep precise track of all explosive products they handle.† They must know where every product is at all times for obvious reasons.† We also produced the software that provides digital signals that actually fire the larger fireworks shows which are choreographed to complement the sponsorís music.


Traffic Safety Supply makes those huge signs you see along the freeways. They also sell a wide variety of highway products nationwide. They have benefited greatly from an increasing presence on the internet placing more and more importance on maximum uptime and reliable systems. We supplied and support the Windows Servers, Workstations, Internet Gateway and Firewall being used daily in their operation.


Modulog Industries manufactures and sells a very unique northwest product- Log Siding. We have helped out with Computers, Software, Systems Integration with their website and accounting system support for a number of years now.


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