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The Windows Registry is actually a hierarchical database that contains configuration settings and options for Microsoft Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Vista and now Windows 7.
It contains details for operating system components and also settings for applications running on these  platforms.   The operating system kernel, device drivers, services, SAM, user interface and third party applications all make use of the Registry.
When Windows 95 and Windows NT were introduced , the Registry was extended to contain data that had previously stored configuration settings  in .INI files for Windows programs.
It should not be surprising that the Registry would become quite disorganized after awhile due to many installs and un-installs of various programs and operating system upgrades and changes. This then ends up being the main cause of many system errors and slow-downs.
While the registry can be edited manually, it is a bit risky because any change to something required by the current operating system or programs you have installed that you depend on could be damaged or made inoperable by the smallest mistake. 
This is the reason that we have learned to search out and rely on specialized software that is built specifically to fix all those intricate settings in the Windows Registry.
We have tested and used many Registry Repair programs over the years in our consulting business. We often ended up not only still having the same problem but now some new errors too. In one case the program made such a mess that we had to completely clear the disk and reinstall all programs from scratch. Some data was lost....
Sometimes “free” has hidden costs...not to mention the frustration and time wasted….So this is why we keep going back to using RegistryWinner. It just works.. And it has the ability to fix more issues than others we’ve tried. The programs’ authors have done a really good job of keeping up with the changes to Windows and the many application programs that use the Registry, and that ongoing support is really important.  
Computer users can save a lot of consulting and repair fees by using a good quality program like RegistryWinner when encountering computer slow downs or errors. Not that we would mind more business, but we feel it is the right of every computer owner to enjoy peak-performance with minimal problems.  
Anyone who can access the internet should be able to install and run  RegistryWinner and improve their computer's performance.

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